19 January, 2022

Our Perspective: Economic Growth in “New Pandemic Normal”

Our Perspective: Economic Growth in “New Pandemic Normal”

“We are survivors. We adapt. We evolve. And we resolve our problems for a better future”

As our economy slowly emerges from the pandemic crisis, Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, encourages investors to remember that in this “new pandemic normal”, perspective is key.

This time last year, vaccine distribution, supply chain issues and inflation fears all led to economic uncertainty and volatility. Despite these factors, economic progression persisted in 2021 – improving company revenues and increased adaptability ultimately resulted in a positive year.

Currently we are experiencing many of the same, as well as some new, uncertainties which Rana believes are likely to cause further volatility in 2022. We are now better positioned however towards continual economic growth – employment rates have risen and consumers and businesses are still strong and spending.

Despite the various iterations of Covid, corporations and consumers have learned to live with, and adapt to, the ever-changing conditions. Investors are encouraged to remember that price declines in the market do not inherently equal business declines, and that uncertainty is just one feature of investing.

Understanding current events and the dynamics of businesses is the cornerstone of how we manage your money. Our managers have been here before and are well positioned to help you meet your financial goals.

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